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Requesting Technology

Emily Griffith Technical College can provide technology to students who do not have access at home.

Please note if you arrive to pick up technology and have not paid by then we cannot check out any technology to you until we can verify a payment has been made. You can reach out to for more information on making a payment.

The first step is to request technology through one of the following individuals:

  • Your Navigator
  • Your Instructor
  • Your Career Coach

Your Navigator, Instructor, or Career Coach will then submit a request to the Information Technology Department. If your course registration is not in a "Current" paid status (either through payment in full, or a payment plan), you will be referred to the treasury department to arrange for payment. If you your course registration is in "Current" paid status, a laptop will be configured by the Information Technology Department, and deployed to 1860 Lincoln for pickup.

You will receive an email to your email address on record to let you know the laptop is ready to pickup.

Laptops can be picked up at 1860 Lincoln between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday. You must bring a photo ID and your EGTC ID. If you are unable to make a pickup, please make arrangements with Instructor or Career Coach to obtain the laptop.

Upon arrival, let the staff member at the entrance know you are there for a technology pickup. Be prepared to show your student ID. You will need to agree to and sign the Student Device Agreement. Laptops are due to be returned upon your program completion, or if you drop or withdraw from classes. The agreement is as follows:

As the borrower, the following stipulations apply:

1. I will use the device regularly to access student information and EGTC curriculum resources.

2. I will use the device regularly to gather resources to augment my instruction and to enhance student learning opportunities. 3. I understand the device is provided exclusively for school-related, curricular, and productivity purposes.

4. I have read and understand the following DPS Board Policies related to computer and email use:

a. Policy EGAEA- ElectronicMail and Internet Policy

b. Policy EGAEA –R1 – Electronic Mail and Internet Policy Regulation

c. Policy EGAEA—R2 – Regulation of Social Media Use

5. I will not store any confidential or personally-identifiable student information on this device. This type of information should only be stored in secure network folders.

6. The device will be on hand in my primary home workplace every day

7. I agree not to modify equipment without first consulting with the EGTC School Technology ( Representative at my site to ensure compatibility.

8. I understand that it is my responsibility to know how to connect my assigned device to out-of-district networks and that EGTC support staff, including my School Technology Representative, cannot assist me in thisregard. I also understand that EGTC help desk support is limited to normal business hours.

9. I will exercise appropriate care of this property. All damage, loss, and/or theft sustained to the above- described EGTC property when it’s not on school premises will be my full personal responsibility and I will be responsible for the replacement cost of a newDevice.

10. The property listed below will be returned to the original EGTC loaning site in exact and serviceable condition.

11. If I drop, withdraw or leave my program for any reason, I agree to return the property that is listed below on or before my last school day or be liable henceforth for any replacement, legal or court costs resulting from failure to return said property.

12. At any time, if EGTC determines that it needs the property returned, I shall comply with the request to return such property as soon as practicable.

13. I agree to not use this equipment for unlawful purposes, or for purposes inconsistent with the mission of EGTC.

14. I understand that any violation of these Terms and Conditions, or related EGTC email or Internet policies may result in immediate dismissal from my program.

15. Signature of the borrower constitutes a continuousliability, including legal fee.